Happy Pink October!

Oktober mánuður hjá okkur er ávallt tileinkaður átakinu Bleika Slaufan og Krabbameinsfélagi Íslands. Í ár höfum við gert dásamlega fallegt armband sem að þessu sinni er úr bleikum kóral. Það kemur í tveimur útgáfum, með sterling silfri og gullhúðuðu sterling silfur. Kórall stendur fyrir visku, hamingju, hógværð, heppni og vernd. Armbandið kostar 9900 krónur og rennur hluti söluverðs til Bleiku Slaufunnar.

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Pieces that not only complete your look but also your well being

Colourful, elegant, stylish and glamorous


Handmade jewelry, featuring stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings by Hildur Hafsein


the mystical creations of

Hildur Hafstein

Hildur Hafstein was born in Sweden, raised in Iceland and has studied and lived in Spain. She is the owner and head designer of jewelry brand Hildur Hafstein. She runs a small boutique and a studio in Reykjavík city. Having studied and worked on different textiles design project such as fashiondesign, costumedesign and styling she turned to jewellery and established Hildur Hafstein in the year 2010.

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the boutique

In the center of Reykjavík, at Klappastígur 40 Hildur runs a tiny studio and a boutique where she produces and sells her jewelry.
It is situated in an old typical Reykjavík city corrugated iron house 1905.


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