Hildur HafsteinHildur Hafstein was born in Sweden, raised in Iceland and has studied and lived in Spain. She is the owner and head designer of jewelry brand Hildur Hafstein. She runs a small boutique and a studio in Reykjavík city Hildur Hafstein Workshop, and has a small studio in Valencia Spain as well, Soda Studio. 
Having studied and worked on different textiles design project such as fashiondesign, costumedesign and styling she turned to jewellery y and established Hildur Hafstein in the year 2010.

Adornment have a long history around the world, from feather to bone, to metals an modern accessories, such as jewelry.

Hildur looks into history and nature for inspiration such as the nomadic culture of the Gypsies, the ethical respect of the Hippies and depth and meditative ways of the far east. Mineralogy has been her passion for some time and all her jewelry are made of natural semi precious gemstones which possess good energy and high quality metal such as brass, sterling silver and 9 kt gold. Her pieces are set out to nourish both your body and soul. The jewellery will therefore not just complete your look but also your well-being.