Jasper was called jashp in ancient Persia and ashpo in Syria. The Latin name is jaspis. Nowadays the many types of jasper names correspond with their attributes such as colors or patterns such as ribbon jasper or picture jasper (another one of nature’s “Rorschach” stones).

This gemstone was popular throughout the ancient world for jewelry, bowls and other objects. Its early use dates to the Paleolithic Period. Native Americans employed it for protection when traveling, as well as connecting to the spirits. Red jasper is symbolic of blood and aids in connecting with earth energies.

Jasper is a variety of chalcedony that fosters the ability to nurture. It provides grounding and protection against negativity.

Color(s) - Gray-blue, green, orange, red, tan, yellow

Associations - Generally Leo, red jasper Taurus, yellow jasper Sagittarius; all chakras; yang

Uses - grounding; relationships; community/family; protection against negativity